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Tom Zeamer     05/12/2015  12:17 h 

CPAP IS NOT YOUR ONLY OPTION! I suffered with Sleep Apnea and its side affects for the past three years. My prescribed method of treatment was the CPAP machine and a large face mask. I tried the entire time with very limited success to make this work. I saw my network doctor repeatedly because this treatment was not working for me and to see if other options existed. He informed me that CPAP was the best method of treatment and that I needed to continue to use it. I was falling asleep continuously throughout the day, everyday. It was very difficult to stay awake for an entire work day. Most days I slept on my lunch break. This past November, I happened to see a TV show that discussed sleep apnea and showed some oral appliances that could be used for treatment instead of the CPAP. Shortly after the first of this year, I had to see my regular dentist for some dental care and I asked him if he did any appliances for sleep issues. He did not, but referred me to Dr. Stellpflug. I was a little skeptical at first, but as soon as I met with Dr. Stellpflug and his assistant Meagan, I felt confident that this may really work. They explained the process of fitting the appliance and the diagnostic testing that was also done to ensure that the cardiac and respitory issues were also addressed. The past three months have been nothing short of miraculous. The results are unbelievable. I get between 6 and 8 hours of good sleep every night. I am not falling asleep during the daytime. I can read the entire newspaper without falling asleep. I do not have to plan my day around nap times. It still amazes me how good I feel. The tiredness and lack of energy are gone. I cannot thank Dr. Stellpflug and Meagan enough for the help and knowledge they have provided me. It really is amazing how far I have come in three months. This is more than I expected.       

Maria     12/17/2014  09:05 h

I have sleep Apnea and I couldn't wear my CPAP mask. I was having many issues, until I went to Dr Stellpflug. The Dr and Megan got me all set up with my mouth piece. I was very surprised at myself by adapting to it very fast as I don't like wearing anything glasses, masks and etc. I have seen changes in my sleep pattern, I'm not tired and grouchy during the day and no more 10 am and 2 pm naps. The best thing with my mouth piece is, I travel a lot and it's easier to pack then a bulky CPAP machine. I can get up to use the restroom, have a drink of water with ease. The Dr and ladies in the office make me feel like an old friend when I walk in the office. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Megan and Angel are very sweet and make me feel relaxed. Thank you     


Kelli   12/01/2014  08:52 h 

For a while I have been having issues with headaches. Dr Stellpflug had recommended a small mouth appliance to only wear at night. Since I started wearing it I have not had a headache! I am waking up feeling VERY well rested. I have been going to Dr Stellpflug ever since I was a little girl, there is not one bad experience that I have had. The staff is excellent!       

Sandi Konrath   11/29/2014  14:40 h  I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, but knew I would not use the CPAP as a treatment, so I searched for an alternative solution. A friend of mine (also a dentist) suggested an oral appliance a referred me to Dr. Stellpflug. Even with my severe bruxism, I am able to wear an oral appliance at night that truly has changed my life! Instead of waking up tired and dreading the day ahead of me, I feel rested and ready to go! The difference that the oral appliance makes is unbelievable! Dr. Stellpflug and his entire staff are remarkable. They make you feel so comfortable. Megan is outstanding! She dealt with my insurance company when needed and was so helpful in so many ways. My entire experience with Dr. Stellpflug and his staff was nothing less than outstanding!   

Robert Dornfeldt  02/21/2014 10:02 h 

Dr. John Stellpflug and Megan have given me a new lease on a good nights sleep.  My new light weight oral appliance allows me to sleep in any position. I find comfortable with the healthful benefits I had achieved with my CPAP.  My oral appliance is easy to maintain and it's excellent for traveling - no bulky machine with all the accessories. One mover important thing - Dr. Stellpflug's staff is knowledgeable, friendly , helpful and easy to work with. If you're not satisfied with your CPAP , be sure to check them out -it really does work. Robert Dornfeldt  Horicon, Wisconsin  

Christine Klumpers  06/12/2009 11:00 h 

Dr. Jack was the first dentist that really listened to me about my TMJ symptoms and took themseriously. I have lived with neck pain and headaches for many years, and Dr.Jack finally has me on the road to being pain free. I can't thank him enoughfor listening.I also absolutely love the staff that works with Dr. Jack. They are allso friendly and seem to really care about you as a person, not just your teeth.